Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

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Miroslav Plášek

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Properly designed HVAC equipment is designed to ensure regular and sufficient air exchange from the interior of offices, apartments, houses or industrial buildings. Of course it is possible to subsequently adjust the air - cool, clean, recuperate. The air is humidified, heated or cooled, and vice versa, thus contributing to the health and well-being.

Complete security of air exchange

It can be a very simple device - a fan, a small recovery unit. For industrial buildings will be design complex systems - not only the ductwork, but also a control device for automatic operation, heat pumps, heat recovery and other elements. Complex ventilation systems should be implemented on the basis of pre-project documentation. The key is the return on investments and the operation that meets the requirements of the investor and current standards.

For industrial solutions and family houses

Air conditioning are usually used in eg. commercial and office buildings, industrial buildings, etc., But more often we can meet even with the use of air conditioning and air cleaners in individual households. Recuperation is an integral part of the so-called passive houses.

We deal with all kinds of HVAC, from recuperation of family houses to complex industrial solutions.

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