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For more than a quarter century, we have been among the most important technology and innovation firms in the Czech Republic. Our vision is to bring people the world’s latest technologies.

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NWT divisions


We build production greenhouses for the hydroponic cultivation of fruit, vegetables and flowers. We have a stable team of experienced designers, project managers, site managers, engineers and technicians

Effective ICT

We supply ICT solutions for private companies, public administration, education and health sectors. We don’t just blindly follow the technological trends — we set them. 


We design, switch on, secure, build and provide perfect customer service. Your future is in sustainable living, passive construction, with a view to it and fair service.


Ecological and economical heating
and cooling methods for singlefamily
detached homes and industrial buildings.


Our long years on the Czech energy market
distinguish us from many other energy providers. We have long offered some of the best prices on the market


Since 1998, we have developed e-shops with a wide product portfolio. We don’t just manage e-shops, but also create them. An experienced
team of developers will fine tune the graphics and automate individual processes. 

Passive houses

We started production of our own prefabricated ALPH panels for the construction of passive houses of a new generation. Unique processes and technologies enable to build significantly faster and more efficiently with respect to individual requirements.


In our internal agency we provide all marketing activities for colleagues from other NWT divisions, subsidiaries, start-ups and partner companies. From business cards to social network management to complete corporate identity.


We invest in innovative projects and startups aimed at sustainable development and the global environmental economy.

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Our recent projects

Centrum IoT - Silo II

New project of NWT a.s. with the aim to create state-of-the-art facilities for companies and start-ups in Zlín. We follow the tradition of Tomas Bata and the building fits into the functionalist style that characterizes the buildings in the then manufacturing area of Bata. Step into a new era of Industry 4.0 with us.

Park Tower - Zlín

This unique apartment complex combines American high-comfort living style with timeless Baťa architecture. State-of-the-art technology, first-class materials, design equipment and remarkable views of Zlín – all with a wide range of additional services at New York standards.

Electric vehicle ENVIEL

All preconceptions are over. Even municipal services can make a city look good. Enviel vehicles are multifunctional models for year-round use in managing parks, landscaping, working at construction sites or managing production areas.

ALPH system

ALPH System is simple, variable and high-quality solution for bulding of your passive house. We offer complete construction of residential houses in different phases of completion and production of precasted ALPH blocks for individual construction or delivery with assembly.

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