Utilization of waste heat

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Various technologies produce large amounts of further unused waste heat, which is transferred into its own area. In the better case, a so-called passive cooling, when the heat is dissipated to the air or water. In many cases, however, cooling must be active. Often we can meet even cases where on one side, the industrial complex uses chillers (active cooling) for cooling process water or air conditioning through the air and on the other side is heated, for example, the administrative part of the gas boiler.

Using the heat always need to be assessed individually. It depends on many factors - the amount of heat, a medium that transmits heat (air, water, etc.), the time of year when the heat is available, the technological needs of the building, the prices of commodities (gas, electricity), etc.

Part of our work is the assessment of the situation, framework design solutions including prices and the economy. All this is free, within the business offer.

Following a thorough audit and design solutions that already contains the schema modifications of existing technology or a new technology, and the final bid.

The aim of this is to improve the energy balance of the building and a smaller environmental burden and economic return of the entire system.

Selected references:

  • Tepelné čerpadlo IVT Greenline D43, systém voda-vodaUtilization of waste heat within the building company headquarters in Zlín - Heat pump IVT Greenline D43, water-water system. It uses the water serving for cooling the data centre (the server) of the temperature gradient 18/13 (i.e. the water is supplied to elements at the temperature of 18 ° C and the outlet water at 13 ° C). The pump has at this temperature gradient of 60 kW and serves as the primary source of heating water and hot water for the entire building Silo. Only in the event that pump output is insufficient, provides cooling of the water chillers on the roof of the building.
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