Thermal refining of biomass

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Michal Mucska

+420 724 575 378

Thermal refining of biomass and solid alternative fuels

NWT is completing the development of a device used for the thermal decomposition of biomass, sewage sludge and solid alternative fuels (SAF). Expected maximum amount of material to be processed is 1 ton / hour. Thermal decomposition of the input material occurs so called fuels upgrading. The resulting products are highly valuable energy raw materials such as coke, pyrolysis, pyrolysis oil and pyrolysis gas.

Pyrolysis coke that occurs by thermal decomposition of wood chips is called charcoal and its high calorific value is well known. Conversely, pyrolysis oil has parameters like light heating oil. Pyrolysis gas can be used in place of production used for example as fuel for a cogeneration unit. This ensures decentralized, highly efficient production of electricity and heat.



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