Landfill gas, biogas plant and cogeneration


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System of byigas plants

For the entire functionality of the biogas plant is hidden controlled process of anaerobic fermentation, in which when heating and mixing occurs in organic matter gradual transformation into biogas. It is further conveyed to the gas tank, cleaned and then burned in a cogeneration unit. Waste that produces biogas plant - the digestate, is applied as a form of high-quality fertilizer.

Raw materials which are processed in the biogas plant are mainly corn silage, sugar beet pulp, grass silage, manure and other biodegradable waste


Selected references:

  • landfill degasification Kuchyňky, Zdounky, CZ (power: 320 kWp, year of opening: 2008)
  • landfill degasification Bukov, CZ (power: 154 kWp, year of opening: 2012)
  • landfill degasification Henčov, CZ (power: 204 kWp, year of opening: 2012)



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