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Smart solution for home heating is currently without doubt the use of a heat pump, where depending on the selected heat pump can be inserted from 1 electric kW create 3-5 kW of energy. The advantage of this solution for houses i salso kess use of electricity tariffs, which positively reduce the cost of electricity around the house.

NWT is a reliable supplier of these devices, when his long activity on the market can deliver not only top quality, but can guarantee the long-term stability of the company. A key partner in this area is firm IVT (belonging to the Bosch Group), which is a traditional Swedish heat pump manufacturer of the highest quality, and LG Electronics.



IVt AIr XEnergy from the ground, water or air is theoretically free of charge and without restriction. Installing a heat pump, which is connected to underfloor heating or large radiators, decreasing the energy intensity of buildings by up to 80%.


Wherever there is a need to heat the building, is solidly insulated and over the summer it is necessary to heat domestic hot water. The heat pump is ideal for buildings where the aim is the highest possible degree of energy independence.

That is possible when having a high quality project preparation, well made realization and for example in combination with small PV plant.


The principle is simple - the heat pump removes heat from the vicinity of the heated object (air, land or water) and converts it to a higher temperature level usable for heating and hot water.

The transfer of heat to a higher temperature level is possible thanks to the compression of refrigerant vapour in the compressor, wherein is the heat formed. It's the same principle as when you blow bicycle pump. Air and pump during air compression are significantly warmed up.

The heat pump can use this principle perfectly and get free heat from the surroundings.
Of course, for optimal operation in winter it is preferable to use as a primary energy source land (water), and only if no other possibility to use air.

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What you need to be aware of when planning a new house with heat pump?

  • Opt for a heat pump is at the beginning of the discussion about building a house. You will not have to pay for some things twice (for example heating project)
  • Trust the heat pump It is not necessary to insure a gas connection or a wood stove in case "it would not work." Saving of gas connections to invest in a better quality heat pump.
  • Do not use heat pump with solar collectors, it’s not worth it.
  • Do not connect a fireplace or wood burning stove with the heating system. Proper connection of the fireplace with warm water insert and the heat pump is expensive and not many people will heat in it often enough to make it worthwhile. Fireplace with insert does not make sense as a backup solution because when there is no electricity, hot water fireplace insert cannot be heated!
  • Choose floor heating for the whole house. It significantly reduces the consumption of electricity and heat pump and it is very convenient. Most owners of heat pumps in the house has only underfloor heating and are very satisfied with it.
  • Ask about the possibility of a combination with a small photovoltaic plant. Already 3-9 panels (power of 750 W to 2 kW) can significantly reduce energy consumption from the network.

Types of heat pumps:

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