Printing solutions

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Petr Mihók

+420 724 843 637

The company offers a complete printing solution that includes identification of proper printing machines (print / scan / copy), implementation and security, centralized management of network printers, rental and servicing printing equipment, all with complete outsourcing of printing.


  • Reduce the operating costs of the printing environment
  • Optimization of printing environment
  • Secure access to printed documents

Offered services:

  • audit of the print environment and design optimization
  • the sale or rental of equipment including installation at the customer (printer / copier, MFP)iStock_000003904438Medium
  • implementation of system security and device management
  • servicing, maintenance, monitoring and evaluation of system operation
  • outsourcing of printing and copying services (payment only for the page)
  • supply of consumables

Deployment experience of printing solutions for customers shows that this path leads to a 30% reduction in printing costs, which consist not only more efficient deployment of network printers, but also by reducing downtime at failures of printers and copiers.

Outsourcing printing environment means that you do not worry about, what to print or copy or why the device does not work. Everything is arranged by our print specialist. So you do not také care about the equipment, installation, service and maintenance, consumables and simply pay only for the prints that you actually printed or copied.

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