Online conferencing


Tap into the center of the latest conference technology. Start by organizing your own conference, and save your time and money. Take essential steps for your business and take advantage of synergies audio-web conferencing services.

Conferencing tools allows you to easily on the remote workplaces host online conferences using voice, video or web services or combinations thereof. Simplify and speed up your communication. With these tools you will be able to provide better services to partners and customers.

Why online conference?

  • Time savings
  • Saving funds
  • Increase efficiency and productivity

Audio conferencing - call with multiple parties simultaneously.

You need to communicate quickly and at any time with more customers or colleagues? Use audio conferencing!

Audio conferencing brings the benefits of a group call between several participants and allows to participate in a conference call with up to 125 participants. It is similar to a personal meeting in the conference room, all participants can communicate with each other.

Web conferencing – collaborate remotely.

You need to collaborate with colleagues and partners remotely? Tired of continuous writing emails?

Then there is Web conferencing for you! This form of online communication is done over the Internet via a Web browser, so that the participant does not need special hardware or software. Using Web conferencing, you can share and create documents in real time and all travel costs, or time spent at writing e-mails fall of..

Videoconferencing – acting at a distance.

Are you tired of driving for your top customers? Do you want to communicate remotely with the highest quality? Videoconferencing is here for you!

Videoconferencing is a modern way of multimedia communication, which is increasingly used also in the Czech Republic. Quality is paramount for us and we offer solutions to to meeting rooms, as well as for top managers. Videoconferencing enables simultaneous transmission of video, audio and data between two or more parties. Videoconferencing is suitable for meetings and consultations with colleagues and partners anywhere in the world.


Selected references:

UniCredit Group - Delivery of licensing WebEx Meeting Center, including support and training.

Tristone Flowtech Czech Republic, s.r.o. - Supply of audioconference service a integration in WebEx Meeting Center.

Y Soft Corporation, a.s. - Supply of WebEx Enterprise Edition.

WALMARK, a.s. - Individual audio conferencing services.


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