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Internet division provides superior telecommunication solutions that we put together made according to the customer’s request. With more than 300 access points and 6500 clients, we are one of the largest networks in Moravia called "KeyNet".

For more information on all the services provided Internet division, please visit  WWW.KEYNET.CZ

Offered services:

  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) or optical access, metropolitan area networks
  • Voice VoIP
  • Webhosting, server hosting, server housing, storage
  • Services of the virtual environment, e-mail services shutterstock_303624482
  • Implementation of structured cabling and wiring, measurement and certification of copper and fibre optic network
  • Locating the fault data distribution, welding or bonding optical fibres
  • Implementation and reconstruction STA distributions, brokerage reception of satellite broadcasts
  • IP CCTV systems, streaming and live broadcasts from IP cameras, time-lapse video
  • Advisory and consulting services, and more

Wireless connection

NWT network is built on the latest technology CISCO and ALCOMA. We offer the possibility of high-quality and fast wifi connection for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized firms, corporations, government organizations and ISPs.

  • Connecting the license or unlicensed bands
  • Ability to operate public IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Operation and maintenance of DNS, SMTP relay server
  • Domain registration and operation of all existing TLD
  • Backup MX servers and connectivity via xDSL

Optical Metropolitan Network

The optical network is ideal for connecting to the Internet, watching IP TV and HD videos, but also networking and security camera systems and telephone exchanges. Connections of this type operate in the cities of Hulin, Zlín and Kojetín.

Benefits of Connection:

  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • Permanent technical support
  • Continuous upgrading network connections and capacity upgrades
  • Free exchange facilities and quick service in case of failure of our equipment

Structured cabling

  • Creation of copper and fibre optic wiring for data and communication networks
  • Installation of data ports, rails and racks
  • Delivery of active elements
  • Installing audio and video systems
  • Comprehensive solutions, including supply of furniture, projectors and interactive whiteboards, computer labs, training centres etc., Setup and staff training
  • Measurement and Certification Data metallic networks cat5, cat6
  • Welding optic SM and MM fibres including certification protocols

Wi-Fi network and coverage

We design and implement coverage of indoor, outdoor and commercial spaces Wi-Fi signal, incl. controllers managed locally or via the cloud with advanced capabilities, eg. transmitter between roaming, hotspot for visitors, a separate Wi-Fi network, and more.

We implement solutions for access points leading manufacturers - Aruba Networks (HP), Cisco, Meraki, Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT) and others.

Camera systems

We make deliveries and installation of camera systems for both businesses and households. In most cases, we use IP cameras of known manufacturers such as Axis, Sony, Dahua, Vivotek, Bosch and others.

  • design and implementation of professional IP CCTV solutions made to measure
  • cameras with night vision, dome camera, zoom camera, thermal camera, time-lapse cameras
  • the possibility of permanent record of 24/7 or by schedule or only when motion is detected using the motion detector or combination of methods
  • Live View Display, respectively. records on PCs, tablets and mobile
  • online surveillance anywhere via the Internet
  • possibility of warning when building is intruded by email or directly to your mobile phone (using a free application)

Digital broadcasting

Smart TV antenna solves receiving digital broadcasts for houses, entire residences and blocks of flats.

Aquired benefits:

  • A choice between cheaper DVB-T (digital terrestrial television) and improved DVB-S (satellite digital broadcast), respectively. combination of both types
  • Free income for all basic Czech and Slovak programs
  • Excellent TV reception (some programs in HD)
  • Individual program menu (similar to packages in cable TV)
  • One solution for the entire apartment building
  • Mediation services of satellite providers FreeSAT and Skylink


Selected references of Internet connection:

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  • Spálovský a.s.
  • I.D.C. Praha a.s.
  • Pilana a.s.
  • TOSHULIN a.s.
  • Elko EP s.r.o.
  • ZLINER s.r.o.

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