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Barbora Holcová

+420 725 514 194

Call centre EMEA with selected care and maximum quality. It was founded in 2006 and offers its expertise in the field of telemarketing.

Satisfaction and prosperity of our clients is our guarantee of good job! Our priority is high quality call with clear result!

  • Active telemarketing
    • Most of big companies use active telemarketing as ordinary part of their marketing strategy
    • Most common usage of active telemarketing is
      • Arranging appointments for salesman
      • Searching new business opportunities
      • Selling of goods and services
      • Welcome calls
      • Follow-up callsYoung and kind female customer cervice representative at an IT company.
      • Retention calls
      • Enforce claims
      • Questionnaire surveys and market researches
      • Updating databases
      • Mystery calls
  • Passive telemarketing
    • Reception and dispatching services
    • Customer, order, competition lines
    • Technical support

You can use informative, service and selling power of call centre and services based on direct representation. If you have a high quality product and want to make people learn about it, choose a target group of your potential customers. We will help you with creating high quality database. We know how to communicate with customers so that they understand the benefits that your products bring them. The advantage of telemarketing communication is the possibility of managing particular objection of particular customers.
Use outsourcing of customer care lines. Trained operators will be available to your clients non-stop.
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