Plastic tubes and filaments

PARZLICH s.r.o. was founded in 2011 as a project of several plastics companies focused on the production of extruded tubes and profiles made from polymeric materials. PARZLICH s.r.o. is a joint project of NWT holding and other individuals and it is the result of systematic support and development of new projects in the technology field.

The aim of the company is to use our own research and development in the field of the application of polymer materials and offer customers high added value through the improved utility performance of products, cost savings in the processing of our products, and lower environmental impacts through the use of environmentally friendly or biodegradable materials..


  • tubes for pneumatic lines
  • inner linings of control cables (Bowden linings)
  • tubes for the chemical industry
  • filaments for 3D printing

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Parzlich company develops and produces 3D filaments; special cartridges for a 3D printer operating on the basis of FDM technology. The strings are made of materials based on ABS, PLA and other polymers in virtually unlimited color variations. This print material is currently sold under its own brand Fillamentum.

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