Other support

The supporting division of the holding NWT includes four divisions, which apart from internal support also provide external services for business partners and clients:

  • EU funds, Backoffice, Marketing division,  Legal division


Financial services

Backoffice division provides financial services - percentage and standard loans, financing, leasings, accounting. The division offers complete services in the field of processing and bookkeeping, tax records, tax returns. We provide our customers with an individual approach to their needs and requirements during accounting and maintaining tax records.

Contact person: Bc. Martina Vítková  |  +420 606 788 866  |  martina.vitkova@nwt.cz


Projects and EU funds consultancy

With the Czech Republic’s accession to the European Union the management of NTW established close cooperation with organizations supporting the development of regional and structural policy in the development of the Czech Republic as a member of the EU. The Division of European Structural Funds provides information on the new programming period 2014 - 2020 to give clients the latest information on the new funding opportunities that this programming period will bring. The division offers comprehensive support in obtaining funding from the EU Structural Funds and other specialized advice for businesses (small, medium and large enterprises). The company has experience with obtaining funding through CzechInvest, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Environment and with internships in companies for young people through the Fund for further education. In addition to investment grants, we also provide support in obtaining funding aimed at improving personnel policies, specifically subsidized jobs through employment offices or educational agencies at a minimal cost for obtaining the funding.

Contact person: Ing. Adéla Lorencová  |  +420 724 102 291  |  adela.lorencova@nwt.cz


Graphic and Print Services

  • Low-cost color printing up to A3 size (up to 350 g/m²)
  • Graphic work and editing documents
  • Logo design and corporate identity
  • Design and printing of leaflets, brochures, invitations, labels, business cards, etc.
  • Cutting the documents on the stack- cutter
  • Cutting out arbitrary shapes on a cutting plotter (sticker paper and foil) - cut graphics
  • Laminating up to A3 size
  • Binding of documents (spiral and thermal binding)
  • Embroideries of logos and monochrome images for work clothes
  • Internet marketing, newsletters, advertising banners
Contact person: Ing. Petra Fuksová  |  +420 724 089 620  |  petra.fuksova@nwt.cz


Farma pod Hvězdou (farm)

In order to achieve a higher quality of animal and plant products, in 2008 it was established farm called Farma pod Hvězdou located near Kroměříž, the local part Kotojedy. With rich experience of workers produces handmade natural products of high quality in both the animal and crop production. More at www.podhvezdou.cz

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