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Group of online stores PATRO GROUP was founded in 1998. It deals with retail sales of a wide product portfolio and looking for opportunities in the Internet environment in general, but especially in relation to final consumers. The dominant sales channel is the e-shop

PATRO GROUP is financially stable unit with a professional background and expertise in IT and business. shop has 140,000 regular customers from the Czech and Slovak Republic and offers more than 400,000 products, ranging from electronics, housewares, cosmetics to books and toys for children, with daily updated offers. It operates its own logistics center with several stores and provides comprehensive repair service. Part of online store are also four branches: Zlín, Hulin, Kromeriz and Staré Město.

Group of online stores PATRO GROUP:

Renowned online store with the widest range of goods in the Czech Republic, founded in 1998. More than 300,000 products under one roof.

Wide range of goods, especially outdoor, inline, bicycles, fitness, winter sports, sports clothing and footwear, household, garden, childcare, toys.

Shop for all those who live an active lifestyle, trips and spend time with sports activities. Do not sit at home!

Shop focused on both the outdoor professionals and outdoor enthusiasts and hikers who naturally move several times a year. Venture with us into the wild!

Online store with books and literature for all those who, without good book can not imagine a day.

In our online bookstore you can choose from a wide range of books. We offer novels, short stories, children's books, textbooks, literature, with us simply everyone will choose.

Contact person: Lukáš Žídek  |  +420 725 386 489  |

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