Consulting drawing from EU funds

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Mgr. Jaroslav Vychodil

+420 606 028 342

Establishment of the Division of European Structural Funds under the NWT is dated to the Czech Republic's entry into the European Union, the Division addressed in particular the NWT projects supporting the development of regional and structural policy of the Czech Republic by means of subsidies from EU structural funds. Activities of Division of ES funds in the project period 2007 - 2013 gradually developed and, since 2009, our division is fully focused not only on internal projects, but provides comprehensive advice and service in grants from the European Structural Funds and other national subsidies as well as for external clients.

Our team of experienced workers with long experience in the field of grant consultancy and management for the current programming period 2014 - 2020 focuses mainly on subsidies from the field of investment and industrial environments such as the Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness (OP EIC), as well as environmental and savings under the Operational Program Environment (OPE) and for clients from the agricultural sector, we process applications for grants from the Rural Development Programme (RDP). In non-capital areas of our division is targeting in particular the Operational Programme Employment (OPE) including subsidies aimed at improving personnel policies, specifically when subsidized jobs through the employment office, the implementation of internal training and implementation of internships in companies and internships for young Fund for Further Education.

iStock_000010392505MediumDivision of ES funds provide clients with comprehensive services in every step of project management including grant audit, preparation of project applications, monitoring and preparation of tenders, including all administrative tasks associated with each of those activities so that all the conditions for granting subsidies are completely fulfilled and promised funds without cuts and delays reimbursed in full.

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