Pellet lines

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David Vítek

+420 602 719 319

Pelleting line is intended for processing strawy materials in the form of square bales. It can be used for feed or energy purposes. Pelleting granulates cereal straw or dopants, e.g. sludges from sewage treatment plants, poppy etc. The line is designed with two degrees of grinding to guarantee the desired fraction in the granulation. Granulation press is equipped three-roller device. Drilling in the matrix is selectable pr. 8-12 mm.

Part of pelletizing lines is a cooling column, in which the finished pellets are cooled to the storage temperature, which prevents tearing. After cooling, the pellets are graded, crumbled material is returned back to the granulation.
Dust generated during grinding is discharged into the air filter. The filter is equipped with time knocking and fine dust returns to the line.
Vapor and dust generated in the space of rollers is led air route out of the hall. This path is filtered through a cyclone and dust is collected in a barrel.
Dust and steam generated by the cooling column are discharged outside the hall into a cyclone, under which there is a big-bag. Alternatively, you can design a dust chamber.
The line is terminated by a conveyor belt chilled pellets. It is possible to design expeditionary silo or storage cubby.

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