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Would you like to live in a spacious and comfortable house where you can always breathe fresh and clean air? The house, which has very low operating costs, but the room temperature is comfortable regardless of the season? Passive houses allow exactly that! Meet strict criteria of energy savings and because of that its users get a highly comfortable living with really low energy bills.

Living in a passive house combines energy savings with a healthy environment. Controlled ventilation ensures a constant supply of fresh air, devoid of harmful dirt and dust. At the same time eliminates the risk of mold, which may occur for example in the reconstructed newly insulated houses. Thanks to recuperation heat is obtained from exhausted air.

Just as it is with many other technologies also for passive houses it is important to have perfectly elaborated project. We guarantee a comprehensive proposal that integrates all professions and minimizes the risk of engaging multiple vendors to the projects.

A passive house can save up to 90 % of the costs of heating and cooling

Thanks to the superior performance of thermal insulation and very tight construction houses achieve passive standard of annual heat demand for heating below 20 kW / m².


In a passive house all the elements create a perfect and efficient system. Passive energy gains are maintained inside the building through insulation and quality windows like in a thermos. A constant supply of fresh air provides controlled comfort ventilation with heat recuperation.

Passive house offers a balance between high comfort during all seasons and reasonable price for the construction of the passive standard.

Low cost and ecology

Passive houses are highly environmentally friendly. They use very little primary energy and vice versa make maximum use of passive heat gain in the building. For example, sunlight coming through the windows and other internal gains - the heat emitted by people and appliances. The high quality of insulation and other design elements of these profits not leak out.


Perfect sealing of the air-tight building envelope and attention to detail in is the case of passive houses an absolute necessity. Only thus preventing heat losses, condensation of moisture in the construction and consequently resulting construction faults.

Catalogue of passive houses

Choose a project of passive house with a sophisticated architecture and modern design. The proposed layout can be individually adjusted.

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