Industrial constructions

The company’s vision is to be number one in Europe in a wide range of alternative energy sources. NWT is experienced developer of renewable resources of energy in the Czech republic and Slovakia. If you are interested in investing to your own project or co-investment, please visit our website dedicated to investors:

Biogas plants

NWT offers the construction of turnkey biogas plants (BGP). We are experts in both industrial installations and the implementation of agricultural biogas plants. NWT offers its own conception technology, project documentation and software for BGP control systems. During the project the customer obtains all of the project documentation from NWT in open formats and the source code of the BGP control software. They will therefore be less dependent on the supplier of the technology in the future.

Selected references:

  • BGP Pěčín, CZ (power output: 1190 kWe, year of connection: 2011) -
  • BGP Kameničany, SR (power output: 999 kWe, year of connection: 2012) -
  • BGP Uherčice, CZ (power output: 2000 kWe, year of connection: 2012)
  • BGP Žitín, CZ (power output: 637 kWe, year of connection: 2012) -
Contact person: Zdeněk Tříska  |  +420 724 707 412  |

NWT - bpsNWT - bps pecin

Photovoltaic power plants

Project performance and Energo dividions has extensive experience in the field of photovoltaic power plants (PVP). We specialize in both large industrial installations with hundreds of kilowatts to megawatts, as well as small solar power plants on the roofs of family houses. We have completed over 400 PVP projects with an installed capacity of over 60 MWp.

Selected references:

  • PVP Domaželice, CZ (power output: 999 kWp, year of connection: 2009)
  • PVP Pozořice, CZ (power output: 4596 kWp, year of connection: 2010)
  • PVP Kroměříž - Bílany, CZ (power output: 4538 kWp, year of connection: 2010)
  • PVP Plachtince, SR (power output: 2x998 kWp, year of connection: 2011)
  • PVP Kalinovo, SR (power output: 1996 kWp, year of connection: 2011)

For detailed information on photovoltaic power plants, including all references can be found at

Contact person: Jakub Mráček  |  +420 725 761 115  |

NWT - fve pozemniNWT - fve anglie

Greenhouses - effective waste heat utilization

NWT offers the construction of industrial heated greenhouses for the hydroponic growing of fruit, vegetables and flowers. Turnkey constructions are performed from the initial study phase through assistance in obtaining funding and grants, elaboration of all stages of project documentation to the construction work itself. NWT also offers services in the operation of greenhouses.

Selected references:

  • Greenhouse in Kameničany, SR, (expanse: 3 ha, year of the launch: 2014) - more info at
Contact person: Zbyněk Vondruška  |  +420 723 427 455  |

NWT sklenik kamenicany bezNWT sklenik kamenicany


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