Electrical installations

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Jan Kopřiva

+420 724 707 413

We aim to build a strong and trusting relationship with each customer. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive and innovative solution that meets all requirements of the investor, the constantly stricter standards and regulations, but also the economic balance of the whole delivery, including related services.

Stable background of our company, a wealth of experience from already completed projects and support of other divisions brings together the possibility of an integrated delivery system and non-system solutions that are always based on individual approach to each project. From technical design through project implementation to customer service of all the available technologies and systems.

Of course, to carry out all these activities, we have all the necessary certificates and approvals.

Whether you're building a house, or representing investors - do not hesitate to reach us via the contacts below.

Selected references:

  • Low and high voltage electro-installations – projects PVP and BG plants realised by NWT
  • Barum Continental s.r.o., Otrokovice (Automatical pelleting – Low voltage electro-installations, MaR, VO, 2015)
  • Airport Leoše Janáčka Ostrava (Integrated CSU center, SLP, SIL, 2015)
  • National Institute of Mental Health in Prague – Klecany (SLP, MaR, 2014)
  • Shopping mall MAX Poprad and Trenčín (SLP, SIL, 2014)
  • Moravian Science Brno – Scientific amusement park (SLP, 2014)
  • 14|15 Baťa’s institut Zlín (complete low voltage electro installation, 2012-2013)
  • Barum Continental s.r.o., Otrokovice (expansion and modification of data, optical and copper networks, since 2009)

Overview of other references: References Electro installations 2011 – 2015


The main activities of Division Electro installation include:

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