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For a successful realization of any project is important high quality project preparation. At the beginning of each project, it is important to hold detailed study process, which must be agreed by all stakeholders, especially with investors and users of the building. Carefully crafted design documentation saves investor’s time during project implementation, as well as money spent on realization. NWT offers the services of its own team of designers with professional authorizations in civil engineering, electrical and HVAC.


Offered design works and services:

  • processing and draft stopping studies, including alternative solutions
  • preparation of project documentation at all stages, i.e. for zoning and building proceedings, for building construction and actual construction
  • complete engineering services including the provision of trial operation, building approvals, obtaining a license
  • preparation of tender documentation required for obtaining subsidies
  • control of the documentation of acquisition projects
  • elaboration of projects for savings of electricity and heat incl. energy audits, certificates and labelsIMG_5946
  • supervision and work of health and safety coordinator
  • specialization of our design team are: greenhouse installations - greenhouses using hydroponics - growing plants, biogas stations, pelletizing lines, technology halls and buildings

Selected references (project documentation of all stages, complete engineering activities):

  • hundreds of roof PV Power plants (2009 – 2013)
  • PV plant Černčín, CZ (power: 636 kWp, 2010)
  • biogas plant Uherčice, CZ (power: 2000 kWe, 2012) situational drawing | ground plan
  • pyrolysis Sv. Jan nad Malší, CZ (power: 470 kWe, 2013) situational drawing
  • greenhouse Kameničany, SR (area: 3 ha, 2013) situational drawing
  • gasification boiler room, complete replacement of heating systems in 13 buildings incl. outdoor hot-water - the area of the military unit Přáslavice (2013)
  • pelleting unit Huštěnovice, ČR (power: 2t/h, 2014)
  • greenhouse Haňovice, ČR (area: 3ha, 2016)
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