Service and repairs of PV plant


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For a long time we have been engaged in servicing small and large photovoltaic power plants. Thanks to our experience with the construction of photovoltaic power plants therefore we can offer you comprehensive service from replacing fuses in the inverter, through inspections and audits, to extensive repair of large solar parks. Part of our work is the thermal diagnostics of photovoltaic panels and inverters, including VA diagnostics modules. Our technicians are available 7 days a week, which provides customers with convenient and rapid intervention if necessary. All by us managed objects are connected to our monitoring centre 24/7, thanks to which we have a constant overview of your photovoltaic plant.

What do we offer?

  • Supervision Centre 24/7
  • Inspection of electrical installations (photovoltaic roof and field)
  • Electrical repairs, inverters, photovoltaic panels
  • Repair of other technical and structural elements of photovoltaic power plants
  • Diagnosis of photovoltaic panels and inverters
  • Thermodiagnostics and measurement V / A characteristics (power control)
  • Regular periodic inspections of solar parks
  • Ensuring legislative duties, invoicing and reporting
  • Resolution of claims against suppliers or manufacturers of the various components
  • We operate in the Czech and Slovak Republics

Currently we service 110 facilities with an installed capacity exceeding 55 MW.

All installation are between 16 kWp - 4.6 MWp. We operate in the Czech and Slovak Republics.


How does the service monitoring centre work?

Service monitoring centre takes RES technology and safety oversight for photovoltaic plants and biogas plants. Supervision is carried out continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within the supervision of RES has a team of employees responsible for predicting the coming defects, optimize the performance of photovoltaic and biogas systems, solving insurance events, communicate with the control centre of the distribution system and a number of other activities that are directly related to the smooth operation of photovoltaic plants and biogas plants.

Why is the service of PVP important?


Biogas plants (red) a PV plants (blue)

If you want to have an effective power plant it is necessary to adequately take care of it and keep regular service inspections. Thanks to a regular inspection of the constructive part you can prevent from releasing the panel and avoid possible damage to property or health. Checking the circuit breakers, fuses and staples serves as a protection against transient resistance, which produces heat and can cause fire.

Regular evaluation of production helps to optimize operation of the plant to achieve maximum efficiency, for example the proper function of the panel can be verified through a thermovision test that can detect defects in individual cells of the panel. One faulty article may influence the performance of the entire series. Regular service maintenance is often required by the financing institutions as a guarantee of care of their investment. We have extensive experience with devices with installed capacity of more than 4.5 MW, but just as well we can take care of your family roof installation.

How often are the regular inspections needed?

Regular checks on power plants up to 50 kW should be done at least 2 times a year. For bigger sources, then quarterly or monthly. With each power plant comes individual procedure and we respect the requirements of the operator. In the case of failure the reacting times are from 2 hours, according to the range of failures. Weaknesses identified during regular inspections are usually removed immediately, or as soon as possible. Our primary goal is sustainability of the project over its whole lifetime.

What’s new

  • We offer reparation of PV inverters | We repair photovoltaic inverters of all brands, or we only perform diagnostics
  • We repair PV panels | In the case of failure of PV panel’s function box we will replace the LEDs or replace the whole junction box
  • We provide performance testing of PV panels | We provide thermal and performance testing of PV panels, measurement V / A characteristics


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