Cogeneration units


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Cogeneration unit is a device for the generation of electricity and heat. In the process of cogeneration is meaningfully used waste heat generated in the production of electricity.

Cogeneration units are not designed for the complete replacement of the existing heat source, but rather complementing or improving system technology with a very good return. Depending on the current price of heat and electricity, the return of the device ranges from 4 to 8 years. IF is currently removed heat from a central heat source is higher than 500 CZK / GJ, without exception the return comes in two or three years.

In relation with the installation of a cogeneration unit, we can provide a complete renovation of boiler and replace the existing old boilers, for example with poor efficiency with new boilers at reduced output, which will be much better just to cooperate with the technology of cogeneration units. This will ensure the modernization of the entire facility and solid return.

When it comes to projects with good returns it can be discussed a partial or full financing of investments without binding to any financial institution.



Kogenerační-jednotky-TEDOM-e1441101834224During co-generation - a joint production of electricity and heat, there is a high use of energy in the fuel, which can be up to 95%. Thanks to the meaningful use of heat generated in the production of electricity there is no need to produce the heat by another source. This saves fuel and money needed for its purchase.


KCogeneration is useful wherever there is demand for the consumption of heat or cold. A prerequisite for the deployment of the cogeneration unit is to use all the produced heat. This can be achieved by combining a cogeneration unit with a suitable storage tank. In this case, the cogeneration unit works only when higher drawdown of subsidies for electricity from cogeneration, the heat produced is accumulated and used even when the unit is not in operation.
Electricity from cogeneration units is used for consumption by the building in which the unit is located, or it can be supplied to the grid. The heat from the cogeneration unit is used to heat buildings, to prepare hot water or process heat. Cogeneration units are also used as an emergency source of electrical power in places where an uninterrupted supply is necessary.


It is a connection of the internal combustion engine, electrical generator, heat exchanger system and a control system that allows the unit to drive both locally and remotely by the PC through the Internet or even via a mobile phone.
Small cogeneration units based on gas engines are among the decentralized energy sources. This means that the production of electricity and heat is in the vicinity of their consumption. This eliminates the losses caused by transmission and distribution of electricity. There are even very small units from kilowatt units.
The major fuel for running cogeneration units is natural gas. In recent years, however, sharply increased the number of devices using for its operations biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas or other alternative fuel like colliery gas. Other alternative fuels used in the world as: fish oil, coconut oil or other natural oils, but also fume vapors from adhesives in the plastics or wood industry.

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