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+420 702 195 511

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Low prices, seamless switching and quality customer service.

Low prices without standing charges

  • We offer some of the most favourable prices on the market over the long term
  • Use tariff without a fixed fee for the supply point and save more
  • For corporate customers with higher consumption we offer the opportunity to negotiate individual prices

Saving without troubles

  • Changing the vendor will be processed for you. The entire process is completely without risk and without worryLevnější elektřina a plyn
  • We have two simple tariffs, which will not get lost. With us, you no longer have to spend time going through complex price lists
  • Contracts can also be filled out online from the comfort of your home if you cannot come to our Care Centre
  • Need help or to ask anything? We can help you on our customer service line 702 195 511.

Energy from a reliable supplier

  • We have had a number of successful realizations: solar photovoltaic, biogas, cogeneration units and heat pumps. Long-term exposure on the Czech energy market distinguishes us from many energy suppliers. We are profitable and stable company with long-term fundamentals - the market has been operating for over 20 years
  • You can visit us in person at the Centre of Strategic Services in Zlin

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