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We are specialists in the construction, overall installation and operation of hydroponic production greenhouses. We have already made dozens of realizations. We grow our vegetables fairly – without pesticides. With respect to nature and people.

Dolní Lutyně greenhouse

Velké Němčice greenhouse

Kameničany greenhouse

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effective ICT

We are a leader in providing cloud services and IT solutions with one of the best data centers in the country. Our customers include individuals as well as cities and organizations that use “Paveza” and “Eveza” systems – specialized software developed by us.


Rudolf Jelínek a.s.

Statutární město Olomouc

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We design, switch on, secure, build and provide perfect customer service. Because the future is in sustainable development, passive buildings that mean it and fair services.

Šumavská Tower – Brno

Grandhotel Tatra – Velké Karlovice

Komplex Luka Living – Praha

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We are specialists both for large industrial installations and for the realization of small sources of heat and electricity in family houses. Our experience confirms hundreds of realizations.

Fotovoltaická elektrárna s bateriemi, Ostrava

Fotovoltaická elektrárna s bateriemi, Zlín

Fotovoltaická elektrárna, Vrbno pod Pradědem

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Good price, trouble-free supplier change and quality customer service. These are just some of the benefits we offer to your business. Long-term presence in the Czech energy market distinguishes us from many energy suppliers.

HYUNDAI - HMMC - Nošovice

Společnost CIDEM Holding

Dopravce ČSAD Frýdek-Místek

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Since 1998 we have been developing and operating e-shops. We have 8 e-shops under our administration. And we like to share our experience! We develop specialized software for efficient warehouse management, sales and shop operation.

On-line shop Patro.cz

On-line shop Knihy.cz

On-line shop Digiboss.cz

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Passive houses ALPH

We started production of our own prefabricated ALPH panels for the construction of passive houses of a new generation. Unique processes and technologies enable to build significantly faster and more efficiently with respect to individual requirements.

Demo house in Zlín-Kudlov

Development project Těrlicko

Development project Fryšták

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In our internal agency we provide all marketing activities for colleagues from other NWT divisions, subsidiaries, start-ups and partner companies. From business cards to social network management to complete corporate identity.

Web pages of system ALPH

Video from event - Farm Bezdínek

Products catalog Farm Kameničany

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We invest in innovative projects and startups aimed at sustainable development and the global environmental economy.

ENVIEL electric vehicle

Communication services - EMEA

Fillamentum - addictive polymers

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