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Turnkey construction

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Ing. Martin Adamuška

Since 2009, we have developed turnkey solutions as a general contractor in construction technology – we have completed projects for more than CZK 4 billion. Since 2013, we have been constructing turnkey cultivation greenhouses for the year-round growing of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Our stable team of experienced designers, project and site managers, engineers and technicians is responsible for construction. We offer and realise cultivation greenhouses ranging in size from 0.5 ha (5,000 m2) and up in the Czech and Slovak republics.

The main part of every modern cultivation greenhouse is a computer for climate control. The Dutch company Hoogendoorn is one of the top three global suppliers of computers for climate control in cultivation greenhouses. We are a direct exclusive supplier and service partner of Hoogendoorn for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are not dependent on external foreign design companies for wiring and irrigation and we use our own capabilities to design, implement and provide local support and service to these key systems. Of course, our customers also have direct support from Hoogendoorn (in English).

Factors that improve the profitability of hi-tech cultivation greenhouses in the Czech Republic:

  • Absolutely flat and inexpensive land (levelling the land increases investment costs).
  • Direct connection to electricity (cheapest electricity in the EU for growing lights – only commodity price and tax).
  • Connection to a source of cheap (waste) heat.
  • Short and cheap connectors and access roads.
  • Larger production area (min. 1 ha).
  • Obtaining an investment subsidy from the SAIF (up to 60% from max. CZK 75 million of project expenditures).
  • Obtaining a subsidy for loan interest from the PGRLF.

Take a look at a recorded interview with Jiří Stodůlka


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